Packed with all the Gut Stuff! Feed your Microbiome!

Did you know? SynerChi Kombucha - Packed with all the Gut Stuff!

Natural ferments and feeding the microbiome (that’s the 100 trillion or so bacteria your body contains and needs to keep you healthy! …Interesting reading via Havard Health blog on how natural live ferments (N.B. SynerChi Kombucha is one of these!) feed the microbiome\

In this article ''Fermented foods for better gut health'' states

''The foods that give your body beneficial probiotics are those fermented using natural processes and containing probiotics. Live cultures are found in not only yogurt and a yogurt-like drink called kefir''

Check out our Water Kefir below:

This is also a super handy list from Dr. Axe of his top 13 fermented foods to “support overall health include by improving digestion and cognitive function, boosting immunity, helping treat irritable bowel disease, providing minerals that build bone density, helping fight allergies, and killing harmful yeast and microbes” Dr. Axe

Water kefir strawberry Synerchi 45

Go with your Gut! The Gut-brain Axis

There’s been a lot more talk in recent times about the importance of gut health - how it can effect whole body health - and crucially our immune system… but what about mood too?

When it comes to the gut we love nerding out on as much science writing as we can find. This article from Popular Mechanics on how Science is learning so much more about the “second brain in our gut” is pretty fascinating

''Hey, There's a Second Brain in Your Gut''

Caroline Delbert writes ''Scientists have known for years that there’s a “second brain” of autonomous neurons in your long, winding human digestive tract—but that's about where their knowledge of the so-called abdominal brain ends.

Now, in new research, scientists have catalogued 12 different kinds of neurons in the enteric nervous system (ENS) of mice. This “fundamental knowledge” unlocks a huge number of paths to new experiments and findings.

The gut brain greatly affects on how you body works. Your digestive system has a daily job to do as part of your metabolism, but it’s also subject to fluctuations in functionality, and otherwise related to your emotions.''

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