Originating in Ancient China over 2000 years ago and known throughout the ages as ‘miracle tea’ kombucha is a naturally fermented drink made from sweetened (antioxidant rich) green tea and a specific culture known as a “kombucha scoby”.

Brimming with live cultures, raw enzymes and amino acids, it is this unique live culture (SCOBY) which brings the flavour and ‘functional' status to authentically brewed kombucha like SynerChi

SynerChi Kombucha is authentic fermented kombucha, we use only certified organic green tea, golden cane sugar and SCOBY (kombucha culture) to create it. We never heat treat our kombucha meaning it’s a truly “living drink” full of everything you want to find in a ‘real’ kombucha.

When it comes to kombucha there are no hard and fast rules about what is the ‘right’ amount. Naturally taking the nutritional content into consideration according to your own personal diet is appropriate. We happily drink a bottle or can every day.

Yes :)

S.C.O.B.Y. is an acronym that stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. While its most often called a SCOBY you will also find it referred to as “kombucha mother”, “kombucha mushroom”, or even “kombucha pellicle”. But they all basically mean the same thing and it’s the live starter culture which is used to brew authentic kombucha like SynerChi

Kombucha (like SynerChi) is a living drink full of live natural cultures. Consuming a healthy fresh food diet (plenty of prebiotic fibre) along with plenty of ‘good bacteria’ from natural ferments (like SynerChi) feeds and supports the microbiome in the gut. We can direct you towards some sources of info that we like via the blog

Yes all our products are gluten free. We lab test regularly to ensure this.

We use only natural stevia in our canned kombucha. No “nasties”

This is because ingredients are expressed at the “mixing bowl” stage of production (Nutritional information is derived from what’s in the pack) For our Sugar Free kombucha we ferment all the sugar ‘out’ (i.e. the SCOBY consumes it) and we blend back the fermented kombucha with a little natural stevia to create a tasty sugar free brew.


Yes, however we recommend being conscious of the child being of a suitable age to consume green tea. A little diluted kombucha is enjoyed by our own littles ;)

If you are pregnant and you would like to drink Kombucha, but have questions around it’s suitability we recommend you seek advice from your GP or health care provider. SynerChi kombucha is produced to the highest safety standards (and is BRC certified) However in pregnancy it’s always best to check any concerns with your own doctor.

SynerChi is widely available via health food stores and independent retailers across Ireland. We are also stocked by SuperValu, Centra …( add major retailers) Our cans are available via Dunnes Stores and Tesco

Currently we offer delivery anywhere on the island of Ireland

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SynerChi is widely available via health food stores and independent retailers across Ireland. We are also stocked by SuperValu, Centra, Spar and many major retailers nationwide. Our cans are available via Dunnes Stores.